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Counselling is a one on one approach for individuals to deal with problems experienced over the course of life. There is a wide range of problems that people want to talk about and change. Stress, anxiety, depression, their relationships, grief, conflicts, family dynamics, and health concerns are some of what brings people to counselling.


The focus of counselling is on the problem you wish to solve.




Focus on the relationship
One of the most important aspects of counselling is feeling good about the person who is your counsellor. Counselling is achieved through developing trust in the relationship. I suggest you negotiate to have an initial session with me to see if I can offer the rapport, understanding and approach you are seeking.


How do counselling sessions start
I begin by asking what the problem is and if you are not sure then the first session may be clarifying the focus of the work.


What to expect
Usually clients agree to a minimum of 10 sessions so that if other issues arise then we have time to expand to other areas.


Methods Used
I have a toolbox of many tools. I am a Transactional Analyst, gestalt therapist, EMDR and EFT trained, and a trained couples and family therapist. I use the tool which fits and is tailored made for you and your needs.

How to get started
You can call me on 8232 2906 or email me on and I can discuss with you what I can offer, treatment methods and give you an indication of how many sessions may be needed.

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