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Coaching is focused on a specific life skill which you want to achieve. It could be skills in areas such as confidence, self esteem, public speaking, chairing meetings, becoming assertive, speaking up in work situations in which you feel intimidated, finding a life direction, losing weight, finding a partner, gaining appreciation of who and how you are with friends, in your relationship with your partner and in your workplace.


Focus on the relationship
As with counselling the relationship with your life coach is of extreme importance. So, I suggest you at least have one session with me to check me out. I work with negotiating a contract with you as to what you want, how you wish to achieve your goal and how many sessions to expect.


How to get started
You can call me on
8232 2906 or email me on We will clarify what skills you want to achieve and negotiate when to have an initial session.


What to expect
Life coaches can be quite directive and offer techniques such as role plays, assertiveness training, how to say no without feeling guilty. Body work is used to take into account posture, breath and grounding which are key elements of confidence and self assurance.

Life coaches also assist in career changes and managing life transitions. Interview role plays and imaginal fantasy work assist you in becoming embodied in who you wish to be.



Methods Used
NLP, Bodywork, and breath work, mindfulness, meditation, and communication skills training are just some of the methods used. These will be used in varying ways for different people depending on their situations and so together we work out what suits you best.

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