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Have you already seen a counsellor and think you have a deeper problem then what was addressed? Do you wonder if the problem may be more of a question of exploring matters such as Who am I, Do I belong, What is the purpose of my life?


Psychotherapy is an in-depth approach based on the idea that unconsciously we repeat patterns in our life, over and over again. For example you may be surprised to find that your parents were alcoholic or abusive and that you end up partnering an alcoholic or abuser even though you vowed that you would never do this. Freud talked about "a compulsion to repeat''. We do this in order to make thing better, however what can happen is that we become caught in a trap of complex difficulties. Psychotherapy is longer term, however it is a cost effective approach to dealing with the root causes of the problem, which may have commenced in early childhood.






Focus on the relationship
In psychotherapy the relationship between the therapist and the client is of great importance. For most people it takes time to build trust, as it is in all relationships. However, in a psycho-therapeutic relationship feelings that we have in other relationships emerge such as fear to trust, quick to anger, idealisation, and disappointment. We work as much about the past and how it influences the present, as well as the present and how it influences our hopes for the future.


What to expect
Psychotherapists focus on the presenting problem and how the past impacts on the present. A minimum of 10 sessions is required for us to get started and slowly unravel the complexities of the problem. I think of it as a tangled ball of wool. It does not matter where you start to unravel, we will discover the source of the problem.


Methods used
Transactional Analysis, relational approaches to Psychotherapy, Psychoanalytic, fantasy and image work, free association using EMDR, dream work, breath work, and role play using Perls' two chair technique.


Services available through Medicare via a Mental Health Plan referral from your GP.

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