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Clinical Supervision



Counsellors, social workers and psychotherapists are required by their professional associations to have clinical supervision.  This is a time to critically reflect on the work they are doing, ask questions and discuss directions, and receive feedback from a qualified practitioner.


The style used in clinical supervision is based on building the relationship between supervisor and supervisee. Toegther they form a 'holding environment' (Winnicott) in which the social worker or counsellor's work can be discussed. This allows for the supervisee to gain insights into the theoretical basis and interventions they are using and the reasons for this, and confidence and further skills in their work.


To talk more about the type of supevision I can provide and the tools I use, you are welcome to call me on 82322906 or email me on We will clarify what skills you want to achieve and negotiate when to have an initial session.


Supervision can be practiced at my professional rooms at 26 Queen St, Adelaide 5000 or on Skype.

The cost is $120 per session -which may be a tax deduction for the supervisee.

This fee for service payment also includes the occasional brief phone call between supervision sessions, if this is needed.

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